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Quick! Check your garden! Do you have all the Redbuds?

I thought we had ’em all in our garden: regular “pink”, white, and purple-leaved. But last Thursday I found a new Redbud that puts the rest to shame. It’s called, ‘Appalachian Red’, and it is STUNNING (compare the 1st photo to the 2nd, “regular pink”). Like, let’s say, a Crepe myrtle pink for northern gardens. I gotta have it, but where oh where could I put another tree?  PS I found it at C.J. Fiore’s Nursery in Lake County (who else has it? please comment). ALSO, “pink” is a poor adjective for the color of a regular Redbud. What color is it really? Please comment on that too.##Edit


Red Appalachian Red

Redbud regular color