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Oh, if you can re-arrange your whole life to attend the Rare Breeds show at Garfield Farm Museum (west of St. Charles) on this Sunday, by all means you should do so. If you love animals, you will love this show. The show features some kind of Colorado Mountain horse that is the prettiest thing I ever saw. I’m going to try and go to this show because our farm really really needs some new chickens (we now only have one, poor lonesome hen) and Garfield is where Black Java chickens were bred back into existence. Besides, if you’ve never been to Garfield, you don’t know nuthin’ about Chicago and you should be ashamed of yourself!


Here’s what Jerry Johnson, Exec Dir of Garfield, informs: “Staff and volunteers have been busy setting up for Sunday’s Rare Breeds Livestock & Poultry Show. Over 27 exhibitors plan to come and there will be lectures and demonstrations on Lippitt Morgans, dog sheep herding, and sheep shearing. The schedule for lectures and demos is as follows:

Gate Opens: 11:00 AM    Lunch by Inglenook Pantry
Tours of the Inn: 12-4 PM
Sheep shearing: 11:30 am until done.
Demos/Talks 11:30:am   Lippitt Morgan demo
12:00 pm    Dog sheep herding
12:30 pm    Lippitt Morgan demo
1:00 pm     Dog sheep herding
1:30 pm    Lippitt Morgan Lecture (1842 Barn)
1:30 pm     Ox Driving in Paddock
2:00 pm     Dog sheep herding
2:30 pm      Lippitt Morgan Lecture (1842 Barn)
3 & 3:30 pm    Dog sheep herding