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Just a note to all of you (thanks for subscribing!) to say that we are off on a vacation for a few weeks, so chances are I will not be posting any Weedpatch articles while on the road, although you never know…

But before taking off, I just had to share these two signs with you. And I hope you will comment on what you think they mean. This first one is your own, “glass empty or glass half-full” it your bad human nature or your good that will “come out” while on the trail?

Green Burial 9-2-2013 10-20-11 AM 4320x3240

The second photo (“green burial”?) makes me think of the Irish saint, Patrick (patron saint of organic gardening) or perhaps my personal favorite saint Dorothy–the virgin patroness of horticulture, brides, gardeners, florists, and brewers, perhaps not in that exact order. “Green burial”? Can people actually be composted?

Green Burial 9-2-2013 10-21-49 AM 4320x3240