Watch Jens Jens Documentary (complete with his voice) TONIGHT

Hi, Weedpatch fans. So sorry I’ve been SO SO out of touch: I am devoting a lot (!) of time to trying to save 400 mature and reproducing oak and hickory trees on an 8 acre site in Lake Forest. A shopping center developer, Bill Shiner, has arrived in town and wants us to waive or s-t-r-e-t-c-h every ordinance to accomodate four outbuildings (maybe Chase Bank, Starbucks, ChickFilA, don’t know he’s not sayin’) plus Whole Foods (maybe). The lure of tax $$ is great, but to me the lure of saving trees and protecting our laws should be greater. Anyway, it’s taking a lot of time. Please help out by making comments on Whole Foods’ website: how come the company says it’s “sustainable” if it wants to take paradise (did I mention demolishing a landmarked mansion?) and put up a parking lot?

Of course, if you are a responsible gardener in the Chicago region, you must know the name, Jens Jensen. Last night I saw on WTTW a preview of what looks to be a wonderful documentary on the contributions of Jens Jensen (1860-1951) to parks and landscape in the Chicago region. The documentary airs tonight, both on TV and at Millenium Park. Here’s the link:

Please watch and share what you learned. Thanks for hanging in there with me while I lash myself to yet another 200 year old oak tree. Could this really be happening–in Lake Forest? Don’t they call it “slash and burn” or “deforestation” in other countries? Sigh. Pretty depressing.

Here’s a photo I took today of a landscape in Lake Forest which was designed by the Olmsted Brothers and later Jens Jensen…



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5 Responses to Watch Jens Jens Documentary (complete with his voice) TONIGHT

  1. Pauline Mohr

    Wonderful documentary. And Jensen’s “The Cleareing” is still available to all in Door County, Wisconsin.

  2. Ginene Nagel

    Rommy,where that we should send comments? When I googled Lake Forest Whole Foods, the only addresses I saw under contacts were for the Press.

  3. Ginene Nagel

    I had a typo there…I meant, What is the email address where we should send comments? Thanks for the good work.

  4. Linda

    This is a beautiful shot – good luck in your efforts! Going to Whole Foods to comment next…

  5. Linda

    Ok – I’ve got the ball rolling. Go to:

    (I know, long link. You can also go to Contact>Discussion Forums>Suggest a Store) I have started a Discussion called “How about where NOT to put a store in Lake Forest IL”. You can add to the discussion!

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