Polar Plunge!

Here’s a brief but spiritually invigorating (brrr, especially today!) video sent from subscriber and great humanist Mordechai Levin, who lives along the Nippersink Creek in Richmond, McHenry, Illinois. He suggests that the creek be renamed, the “NipperMink”…


If you know of the wonderful work of the poet, Mary Oliver, you will enjoy this poem of her’s (I don’t have permission to publish it, but I hope she will forgive me when each of you buys her latest book, A Thousand Mornings, or Evidence, the earlier book containing this poem, entitled, It Was Early:

It was early, which has always been my hour to begin looking at the world and of course, even in the darkness, to begin listening into it, especially under the pines where the owl lives and sometimes calls out as I walk by, as he did on this morning.   So many gifts! What do they mean?   In the marshes where the pink light was just arriving the mink with his bristle tail was stalking the soft-eared mice, and in the pines the cones were heavy, each one ordained to open.   Sometimes I need only to stand wherever I am to be blessed.   Little mink, let me watch you. Little mice, run and run. Dear pine cone, let me hold you as you open.”


Potorius vison [Mink] by John James Audubon, printed 1844.

Potorius vison [Mink] by John James Audubon, printed 1844.


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5 Responses to Polar Plunge!

  1. Martha Drummond

    Thanks Rom. This reference is a wonderful one as we start the new year, and you do have a treasure trove of natural experiences in rural Illinois to remind us of our place in the world and the wonderful opportunities to view its wonders. Happy New Year.

  2. Diane

    Up here in Twin Lakes this morning loving the video of my world and the poem too.

    Mary Oliver can write what I think. What a gift.

    Thanks for sharing! Happy New year to all.

    • Karyna

      I adored FollowMe!… a mazagine that was way ahead of its time. I remember when I first bought it thinking it was an overseas glossy because it was so sophisticated, and was so surprised and proud to discover it was a Aussie publication! I still have all my issues from the ’80s (including the wild moving ‘hologram’ cover of Kelly Emberg in 1985.) andd I don’t think I’ll ever part with them.

  3. Jill Selinger

    in one of your recent posts, you highlighted ‘almanac for moderns’by Donald Peattie– I was intrigued, and ordered a copy from Amazon, and was spellbound. My best friend of forever is in the midst of a battle against cancer, and I ordered a copy from Powell’s books in Portland and she, too, finds it wonderful—just recently, I was introduced to Mary Oliver, and sent my friend a volume of her poetry, so found it so amazing to have you mention this poet in your current blog—I find you are my literary compass!! thank you, and please continue to share your favorites! Jill

    • weedpatchgazette

      Oh, make my day. Ha-make my month. I am thrilled to have spread some cheer to you and your’s. I was feeling sorta blue and unconnected today so you really cheered me up. Thank you, Jill! Rom

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