It’s waayyyy past time to outlaw Buckthorn!

The first two emails in my inbox today concern Buckthorn–the scourge of the Chicago region. First, my husband John sent me a photo of the black berries produced by female Buckthorn trees. He suggested that for readers who might be unsure how to identify this weed, the berries are a surefire sign:

Buckthorn's black berries, full of seeds that birds eat and excrete, thus spreading the tree everywhere.

Buckthorn’s black berries, full of seeds that birds eat and excrete, thus spreading the tree everywhere.

The second email was sent by fisherman Paul Bergmann. It appears we now know what’s ruining the ecosystem for amphibians. Buckthorn! (PS I live in Lake Forest, which I think has more buckthorn per square inch than any town on earth. It’s embarrassing and shameful.)

Thorny Situation

Thanks, gentlemen. Now get out there with your chainsaws and cut down this vicious weed! AND call your elected officials and demand that buckthorn be illegal (this is not a joke. In Lake Forest, buckthorn is not illegal but barberry is. Go figure.)##

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5 Responses to It’s waayyyy past time to outlaw Buckthorn!

  1. Patricia Hill

    I agree 100%, but what are the chances when city property and parks contain buckthorn?

  2. Matt Johnson

    I totally AGREE with this article. Myself along with 30 other Viridian Associates spent an entire Saturday removing and burning Buckthorn from the St. Pauls woods at Oakton and Caldwell.

  3. Frieda

    Maybe the buckthorn situation isn’t as bad as it seems. We’ve been noticing more frogs and toads than usual in our little corner of Lake Forest.

    • weedpatchgazette

      Sure am glad there’s more frogs (good for us: no mosquitoes, bad for frogs), but it can’t be because of buckthorn. But I do love your optimistic nature!

  4. Sandra Anselmo

    Love the pumpkins! And thankful that we do not have Buckthorn (at least not right now). I do have to deal w/ Creeping Charlie, Mustard Stuff!$@&*$#&, Snow on the Mountain (why is so pretty in some areas), and various other “crappy stuff”.
    John was right tho—the berries are a good sign to look for.
    We saw the Richardson’s Corn Maze (Spring Grove, IL) featured on “Good Morning America” Oct. 6th (I think). Very Impressive!!! I did not know they have the BEST Corn Maze in America!!!! WE have to go!!!!!

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