Gotta Love the Signmakers!

Just a note to all of you (thanks for subscribing!) to say that we are off on a vacation for a few weeks, so chances are I will not be posting any Weedpatch articles while on the road, although you never know…

But before taking off, I just had to share these two signs with you. And I hope you will comment on what you think they mean. This first one is your own, “glass empty or glass half-full” it your bad human nature or your good that will “come out” while on the trail?

Green Burial 9-2-2013 10-20-11 AM 4320x3240

The second photo (“green burial”?) makes me think of the Irish saint, Patrick (patron saint of organic gardening) or perhaps my personal favorite saint Dorothy–the virgin patroness of horticulture, brides, gardeners, florists, and brewers, perhaps not in that exact order. “Green burial”? Can people actually be composted?

Green Burial 9-2-2013 10-21-49 AM 4320x3240

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5 Responses to Gotta Love the Signmakers!

  1. Lynn Bement

    Yes, people could be composted. Large animals, like
    cows, compost just fine. I have told my family, you can just compost me when that time comes, but my sister reminds me it is against the law.

  2. Sara Mahler

    Why is there a tree or what’s left of it painted coral in the front yard? There are others in town as well. Just curious as to the significance.

    • weedpatchgazette

      Hi, are you talking about my front yard in Lake Forest? If so, the first time I painted it (red), it meant nothing beyond “look at this (dead) tree–its trunks are like sculpture”.

      But then the City’s landscape guys asked me if it meant something because someone on Old Mill Rd also had a red tree. I told them there’s a coven of witches in town and that’s our sign to each other….

      But now, my dogsitter asked to paint it yellow because Sept was “pediatric cancer awareness month” and her 5 year old grandson just died of cancer. So the tree seemed a great way to create awareness…

      Do you walk by? Stop in! Rommy

  3. Donna Hirsch

    In our home, the glass is neither half full nor half empty. The vessel is improperly sized for the volume it contains. Can you believe I’m married to an engineer?

    And Whole Living had an article about cemeteries being one of the most hazardous sites around. Can you imagine all of the formaldehyde in the ground?

  4. Sandra Anselmo

    So I have just paused to think about all of this—esp. since Joe and I just prepaid for his Dad’s funeral today! When he passes he will be buried next to his wife, Natalie, in the Catholic Cemetery in Twin Lakes. Although there is “green grass” and “green farm fields” all around, I have never thought of this cemetery as being a “Green Burial”………
    Does Willow Lawn have to “advertise” with “green” in order to get their “spaces” filled up??? Maybe cremation is the answer?!
    Maybe my ashes next to my favorite tree in the middle of my green lawn………

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