Field Notes

As I walk past the towering lilies backlit with sun

and enter the field messy with helianthus and brambles

I hear the raucous yells of crows

in the woods near the old spring. What did they find?

Are they mad or jubilant?

Then silence.

Walking down the mowed path I come across one, then two,

then three feathers, turkey by the looks of ’em.

And suddenly, a rustle. Then many beating wings

flying, flying up into the oaks. Six, seven, eight maybe twelve turkey fledglings

and their mother, scared and startled by human intrusion.

Then silence.#


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4 Responses to Field Notes

  1. Deirdre E Toner

    After visiting your beautiful farm, I now know exactly what/where you are writing about!!!!

  2. Pauline Mohr

    Beautiful writing.

  3. Martha Drummond

    I heard a summary of a book titled “Crow Planet” on the radio one day. It reportedly describes the language, social patterns and intelligence of crows. I have meant to read it for some time now, especially when I hear a coven of crows screeching in the back yard in the early morning.. Will send you the book once I read it… if it turns out to be good. Glad I am not one of those birds that crows like to attack..Martha

  4. Patricia Hill

    How exciting! Lucky you.

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