Astounding Mosaiculture! Which One is your Favorite?

I hope you will open this link and be ASTONISHED at human ingenuity.

Thank you to Courtney Dobyns, landscape designer in Vermont, for sending this display of sculptures in Montreal. Three of these models struck home with me: first, I saw the exact big brown incredibly shaggy dog today at the mailboxes store; second, my husband used his chainsaw to carve an Easter Island sculpture out of the red oak that fell down two summers ago; and third, The Man Who Planted Trees is a favorite little book of mine. I found a dusty copy in Alfred Caldwell’s farmhouse in Wisconsin, immediately sat down to hungrily read what Caldwell, a master landscape architect, might have (probably) read, and felt the connection to the importance of those “who plant trees” even more strongly.

PLEASE COMMENT: Did you plant a new tree in your yard this year?

Human Ingenuity At Work

Human Ingenuity At Work


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5 Responses to Astounding Mosaiculture! Which One is your Favorite?

  1. Patricia Hill

    I did plant 2 new (very small) trees–a Blue Beech (Carpinus caroliniana) and one I’ve never seen, Shingle Oak (Quercus imbricaria). both of them had stunning fall foliage.

    • weedpatchgazette

      Fabulous! Good choices! Thanks, Rommy

  2. Alice Moulton-Ely

    Yes! (Finally) The Redbud you gave me. By the way, Easter Island AND a self-portrait of John Drummond!

  3. Frieda

    Re: planting new trees
    I’ve recently completed the fall harvest of seed pods from my cucumber magnolia (Magnolia acuminata.) It’s an interesting tree.

    • weedpatchgazette

      I love love love this tree, which I don’t have but have always admired. It sounds like you’ve had success created “babies”, which is very cool. Which reminds me–yesterday’s Tribune (11/16) had an article about a group of folks in Riverside, IL who go around town planting tree seeds. Good for them, eh? I love that…

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