Monthly Archives: September 2015

Monthly Archives: September 2015

It All Adds Up…or…Plants of the World, Unite!

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I think one of the best things about life on earth is the NY Times. I’ve been reading it daily–and fairly closely–every day since I was a teenager. There is so much information in every issue that it can make my brains hurt. And since there is not enough room in my cranium (please no remarks) to store all this written material, I am compelled to share the paper’s good and fascinating information with…you. From time to time, that is. I …


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Thank you, o creator of heaven and earth, for bestowing this perfect moment.  

September. Already?

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Man, time flies. And so many projects (ie dividing Iris, dividing everything, cleaning garage) are left undone, again this year. But I just had to go for a walk with Daughter #2 who snapped this great photo… It was also important to create a feast (salad Nicoise) using our own “farm farsh” eggs. Alas, the black olives and string beans for the salad were not from our garden, but the broccoli and Brussels sprouts and herbs and tomatoes were. It’s …